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GPS Lock


  • Lock Tracker is designed for customers advanced features of Tracking Contaners etc.
  • 1 Year warranty
  • 15 Days Battery life
  • real time location of person.
  • movement records.
  • we provide it with complete software Support
  • for customisation you can contact us.
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Product Description


  • The features of this device include real-time tracking, history/playback, geo-fencing and reports on when the container doors have been opened or closed along with the location, time and duration.
  • The RFID card allows keyless locking and unlocking of the car by command. The high strength stainless steel device has the features anti-break, anti-theft and emits a tamper alert to the user.
  • The battery is chargeable and has a low battery alarm. The device is not affected by vibration and is tamper-proof. The GPS E-Lock container tracking system is an ideal choice for fleet management to safeguard their valuable assets.


  • The GPS based e-locking system is manufactured by Etrackgo. This device is extremely useful to safely deliver valuable assets.
  • The device can be useful for safeguarding the assets in transit, for banks transferring large amounts of cash or retail malls transporting merchandise.
  • The cloud-based security for the lock ensures anti-theft and anti-tamper. The GPS based e-locking system is dust and waterproof. It has a rechargeable battery with high endurance and alerts the user when the battery is low.
  • Keyless management of the device prevents pilferage and theft of the lock and ensures it is tamper-proof.
  • GPS: Real-Time Tracking
  • Geo-fence
  • Keyless
  • Playback
  • WEB Application with MIS reports.
  • Reports –Container door open & close locations with time & duration.
  • Remote Lock by command/Unlocks by command RFID card.
  • Chargeable battery with high endurance & Low battery alarm
  • Anti-break, Anti-cut, Tamper Alert, Demolition Alarm (High strength alloy, stainless steel lock rod embedded)
  • Water Proof (IP67) with working temperature (-30 to 80 degrees Celsius) & anti-vibration.

Product Details:

Type Wireless
Model Name/Number JT701, G300, G400
Usage/Application CONTAINERS
Tracking Device Type Cellular-Based
Tracking Method Specialized Software
Preferred Service Location NEW DELHI, INDIA
Application Field Theft Prevention

GPS Based Track



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