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Hand Held Metal Detector


TENTRONIX Introduced Hand Held Metal Detector. These Hand Held Metal Detectors are known for their impeccable efficiency as well as accuracy. The company is offering the high quality Hand Held Metal Detectors at the best prices on a timely basis.
General Features
Designed for low enforcement security & policing
Detect all Metals both ferrous and non-ferrous
Auto balancing with push button operation
Highly sensitive & auto tune to every application
Working Temperature : -10oC to +50oC (0-95%HR)


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Product Description

Handheld Metal Detector Is a Well-Made and Widely Used Classic Small Metal Detector. It Is the First in the Domestic Handheld Metal Detector Industry. It Is Especially Suitable for the Safety Inspection of Public Places or Factories That Require Extremely High Detection Sensitivity, Such as Airports, Public Security, Border Defense, Courts, Prisons, Stadiums, Exhibition Venues, Entertainment Venues, Station Terminals, Etc.; Precious Metal Manufacturing and Processing Enterprises Such As: Anti-Theft Inspection of Jewelry, Electronics, Hardware, Automobiles and Other Enterprises.

How does a hand held metal detector work?

A hand held metal detector wand has two primary components, a transmitter coil that creates the electromagnetic field and a receiver coil that detects electromagnetism. … This new electromagnetic field is detected by the receiver coil which will trigger an alert for the operator



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